You’re Engaged! Let the Wedding Planning Begin!

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The love of your life and best friend just proposed!  You’re getting married!  Enjoy this…it’s the time of your life! Take a few days to just breathe.  Remember this advice throughout your engagement – take time to breathe. Just after your engagement, both sides of the families should get together for a luncheon or dinner, just to enjoy time together. From there, the planning can begin!

Setting the date is the first decision, and then the wedding budget. A reasonable and working budget should be discussed by both sides of the family. The average cost of a wedding in Dallas for 2016 is $31,000!  A wedding is a huge investment, so you want to make sure that you spend your money wisely.

Hiring a Dallas wedding planner can help you negotiate costs with your vendors, and planners also know many tips for saving money.  It’s best to hire a planner at the beginning of your engagement, before any contracts are signed, so we can negotiate fees with all your vendors.  If a planner can negotiate 10% off your Reception,  and 5% off your Flowers, this alone will generally “pay the fee” of the planner! It’s a wise investment, as planners also hold your hand throughout the planning process. Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful events you will go through in your lifetime. From invitations, flowers, entertainment, venue selection, menu planning, RSVP’s, wedding cake selection…well, the list goes on and on!  When you hire a wedding planner from the beginning of your engagement for full service planning, that planner will have a huge binder filled with notes and contracts within months. It takes the stress away from you and your fiancé, so you can enjoy each other, your engagement, and your wedding day! What could be better?


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